Monday, September 7, 2009

What Wendy Watched: Random observations on Australian Idol

1. Why so many vests/ waistcoats? Have I missed a vital fashion moment? I have none in my wardrobe

2. Brush those stupid long sweepy fringes out of your eyes. You know who I'm talking too girls and boys.

3. JD is boring

4. The only way to watch it is to record and then timeshift to 8:30. You get it over in less than a marathon two hours because you can skip all the boring recaps, getting to know the contestants segments.

5. Toby - that Creep was a TERRIBLY song choice. If you can't sing the swearing it's no good. Besides you convinced noone that you were any kind of creep.

6. Not sure why Casey with the guitar got through.

7. If you find yourself reaching for the fastforward during the song you know it's a dud.

8. Rikki Lee is superfluous to events

9. Marcia looked very nice. Pity we have trouble understanding what the on earth she is going on about. "Be yourself darlin' ". That doesn't actually mean anything.

10. That little country music boy James was the best of the lot.

11. Why does it celebrate all that melisma-ing all over the note? Just sing the notes in the centre and stop all the bending, sliding, and all together annoying slipping all over the place.

12. Sometimes it's good to sing quietly. Just a tip from me to all of you. Let's all give that a try next week shall we? Although with Rock as the theme I don't have high hopes.


Andy said...

couldn't agree with you more Wendy - I don't have a waistcoat in my wardrobe either.

Wendy said...

well i think you need to run out and buy one RIGHT AWAY....ha