Saturday, December 5, 2009


I went.
I saw.
I chose a theme which shall not be revealed here because some people who are receiving gifts may be reading.
I did 80 percent of my gift buying in the one shop.
I bought auxiliary impulse presents for myself.
I watched the neverending line for Santa photos never end.
I dodged trolleys, old people, bogans, small children trying to escape from their parents, parents screaming at their children, and people having long detailed conversations in the middle of the mall oblivious to the fact that some of us might be trying to walk through.
I waited for the teenage checkout girl in Woolworths to have a five minute conversation with her friends who were in front of me buying few items yet taking forever to do so.
I said "Fine thanks" when aforementioned checkout girl asked me how I was. I patiently waited as she very slowly scanned all my items. I did not shout HURRY UP YOU SLOW EMO TEENAGER. Except in my head of course. Not out loud.
I came home.
I am now going to eat lunch and have a little recovery nanna nap.


jinx said...

You are brave to go shopping on Saturday during the month of December. I ventured out only to Spotlight and there were no crowds!!! Now am organised for MOnday night's yellow gift giving.

Wendy said...

didn't plan to go Christmas shopping today..but got most of it done thank goodness!!

2paw said...

MrsDrWho and I went shopping a little today. It was OK, not too many people. I thin you showed great restraint and deserve a nanna nap and possibly a cup of tea and glass of wine as well!!

Wendy said...

The nanna nap was indeed excellent. i did have a cup of tea. no wine however. Then I went out to another lovely Christmas party.