Monday, December 14, 2009

Wendy gets into the Christmas Spirit: Cheap Commercialised Fashion

In my bid to further get into the Christmas spirit I did what every good consumer should do in the weeks leading up to Christmas. That's right, I went to Supre and bought some cheap as chips, poorly made, Christmas themed T shirts. I braved the terrorist interrogation chic fluorescent lighting, and the loud techno tunes blasting through the sound system. I ignored the fact that I was the oldest person in the store by a good 15 years (that is until I saw some lovely old dears checking out the sundresses on my way out). I picked through the racks and racks of crap in search of an XL (which I do believe is the equivalent of an M in other normal stores) and picked my new tees. I was pretty chuffed because last week when I looked at them they were 12 dollars or so. This week they were On Special for 7.50 - thus the buying of two.

One says "Dear Santa, Define Good" - hilarious, no?
The other has a picture of a little angel saying "I'll be good next year". Cute, yes?

I feel these are very appropriate work wear and shall be wearing them as much as possible between now and Christmas Eve so I get my full 7.50 worth before they become redundant on Boxing Day.


2paw said...

You should wear them endlessly and get your money's worth!! I saw some in the window which were very Work Unsafe.
I have been in Supre with my niece. I lived to tell the tale.
Do you have Christmas earrings?? MrsDrWho has at least 40 pairs and some spares!!!

Wendy said...

I think I might just do that!!
There were singlet tops as well but I decided that they were Work Inappropriate
I only have one pair of Christmas earrings...I do have two Christmas brooches however. I may need to get some more I think. There's nothing like a bit of Christmas bling!!