Thursday, March 25, 2010

Ailurophilic Footwear

Tomorrow is Friday once again. While being UkuleleFriday on twitter and Fun T-shirt Friday at work, it is also a special day because I going to wear these particularly amazing one-of-a-kind (couture?) shoes made for me by one of our lovely students.

Every week we set our students a challenge, sometimes a quote, sometimes a word, sometimes something maths or technology related. In Week 1 of term this week we gave them two words: ailurophile and ailurophobe. They had to find out what the words meant and then by a process of elimination decide which of their lecturers was which. Some of them interrogated us mercilessly as to our feelings about cats. We were asked to rate our feelings about cats on a scale of 1-10. We were asked whether we had a cat? Whether we had ever had a cat? And so on. One of our bright sparks decided to set us a quiz of her own with the prize being the pair of shoes. Of course I won, because 1.I have a cat AND 2.All the other staff range from indifference to outright hatred of cats.

So they missed out. I won the shoes. And I will be wearing them. To work. Tomorrow. And here is the lazy grey reason why....

He looks cranky because I disturbed his 20 hour nap.


The Second Half said...

Your cat's look speaks volumes. I can't decide if he is saying "What the...." or "Do you mind?" or "This had better be a good reason...." or "Huh? Can opener? No, why not?????"
Love the shoes too.

Wendy said...

I think it was pretty much "This had better be a good reason..." because I had called his name to make him wake up and look at the camera!

2paw said...

Yes, he looks a bit cross and just awakened!! What an enterprising student!! Cute shoes and Cool for Cats is one of my favourite songs and albums!!
MrsDrWho and I would give homework when we taught together and one was a challenge and it had the words 'oricular appendage'. It was before the internet and we encouraged children to use and document lots of sources. We had a phone call from the State Librarian asking us to tell all the children to STOP asking them for help. We laughed afterwards, but we thought our classes particularly enterprising too!!!

Wendy said...

Well I think that State Librarian should have been pleased that you were encouraging children to use their resources.
Last year we had a particularly wonderful student who kept us all guessing for 12 weeks as she put in anonymous entries under the pseudonym of "the CopyCat". She was a creative writer who constructed a cat character for herself. And our librarian got in on the act as well keeping the students guessing entering as "The Stig". Such fun!

Lindy said...

They are indeed alluring shoes. Purrfect in every way. Yes I know. I apologize.