Sunday, March 28, 2010

Wendy's Week of TV 2.0: I think I'll sleep in Leonard's room

Firstly, how could Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart take a week's break in good conscience on the very week that Obama's Health Care Reform bill was passed. It was dreadful sitting through repeats all week knowing that a prime political satire moment was just floating away. (That's right...I watched the repeats. That's how desperate I was and how addicted I have quickly become to my daily dose of The Report and The Daily Show).

Other than that the TV week went a little something like this.
Monday: The Big Bang Theory
Hahahahahaha. Sheldon picked up a girl without even realising. "I'll just sleep in Leonard's room". You had to be there.

Tuesday: Big Love was finished so I had to make do with the Griff Rhys-Jones thingie about Rivers Luckily for me my dvd player seems to automatically play with subtitles unless I turn them off so I didn't have to lean in too far to the television to hear his half whispered narration. I've actually really started to enjoy watching TV with the subtitles, especially the ones that are done live.

Wednesday: Oh thank the lord for Beautiful People. It capped off the evening very nicely following my ignoring of Spicks and Specks and Hungry Beast by watching the sometimes heart-rending documentary about the young boy at Eton with cystic fibrosis who wanted to conduct the Bach Magnificat. He did. (N.B. If anyone can explain the appeal of that Hungry Beast to me I would be most grateful). Still, back to the camp musical comic satire that is Beautiful People. Meera Syal is fantastic as are the young boys who play Simon and Kylie. The Enya impersonator Enyata was suitably gross. Best moment. "Let's have a singalong....I'm a Firestarter. Twisted Firestarter". HA.

Here's a little bit from Series One that I adored.

And once again I forgot to record Burn Notice. Annoying much.

Thursday: Nothing much.

Friday: I gave Being Erica another go. Hmmm...good enough if you are home on a Friday with nothing better to do.

Saturday: I went to the movies to see Nowhere Boy. I enjoyed it quite a bit but you really have some knowledge of John Lennon's awkward family life to appreciate it I think. One for the fans. And then I caught the end of Rockwiz which was excellent because they sang a Bee Gees song. What a shame the Bee Gees have been defined by the connection to disco music. They are fabulous songwriters who don't get the credit they deserve. Give the link a little look see.


2paw said...

I like the Bee Gees' songs, they do write excellent lyrics and have wonderful harmonies. I think families ahve better harmonies then the unrelated, as a rule (but not the Mamas and the Papas) I am recording Burn Notice, I have just been a poor get in the post-er. TV over Easter promises to be poor as well.

Wendy said...

Yes I agree...Neil and Tim Finn back up that theory as well.
I think I need to set my recorder well in advance. Yes Easter TV probably not that fabulous....unless someone plays Easter Parade :-)