Saturday, March 13, 2010

Saturday shopping: It goes a little something like this

It's been a few weekends since I've been able to go Saturday shopping what with working, trips to Brisbane and other things. However, this morning saw a return to the usual Saturday morning routine.

It goes a little something like this.

Wake up at normal time (between 5 and 6).

Slowly remember that it's Saturday. Feel highly relieved that I don't have to go work.

Get up, shower and go out to breakfast.

Order poached eggs and toast and coffee. (Except for this morning I strayed slightly and order SCRAMBLED eggs. Yes, I know. Fascinating detail)

Eat food while reading local paper. Reading is perhaps too strong a word for my engagement with the local paper. Perhaps, skimming would be more appropriate.

Go to Woolworths. Buy boring and highly overpriced grocery items. Although this morning dry cat food was a dollar off so I bought two boxes.

Browse around shops. This is the most exciting part.

Today I impulse bought.
1. 2 tshirts (because the second item was 50% off and I can't resist a bargain offer)
2. The Big Bang Theory Season 1. It was 19.95. Season 2 is 34.95 so I won't be buying that until it comes down in price.
3. A cute cloth mini shoulder bag with some jangly coins on it.

I figured that was enough for someone who doesn't actually need anything and is supposed to be saving money this year.


2paw said...

Scrambled??!! I always have poached. Today we arose briefly at about 8am so Labradors could be fed and then back to bed till after 1pm. We must have bee Very Tired.

Wendy said...

yes i don't know what came over me ordering scrambled!
I too had a nap from 11-1.30
and have spent the afternoon since then with 8 episodes of the BBT :)