Thursday, March 4, 2010

Fun T Shirt Friday: The Return

Tomorrow I reinstate Fun Tshirt Friday.

As you may have gathered from my whiny posts of late, there has been a distinct lack of fun at work lately. With the teaching term starting again this week I think it's time to inject some fun into the week. I was hoping my new Threadless specials would have arrived by now but they haven't so I'm torn between the following:

1. The Rockwiz TShirt I won a couple of weeks ago on Twitter

2. @Rocketpilot's "I liked TV before it was popular"

3. Threadless's "Movies ruining the book since 1920"

4. Threadless's "Let me explain through interpretive dance"

They all have potential. I haven't managed to wear the Rockwiz yet because it's been too hot for a black T shirt so tomorrow with this continuing grey weather could be a good opportunity. However, the TV is green, which is a favourite colour, plus it's about TV. I like the Movies one too, and it's black as well so hasn't had an airing lately. And I do love the sentiment of the interpretive dance, however I am concerned that it might be just a little too early in the term to start with what could be seen as a patronising sarcasm. And of course whichever one I choose has to gel with UkuleleFriday, an important factor in my decision making.

I shall mull over it this evening and see how I feel in the morning. Suggestions are more than welcome.


2paw said...

I, of course, vote for the green one!!
Looking forward to Fun Tshirt Friday!!!

Wendy said...'s hard to resist green!
I shall see what the morning brings :)

Mione said...

I vote for green!!! We need a little colour because it's been grey for sooooo long!

Wendy said...

That's two votes for green and one for Rockwiz on twitter.
Green it shall be....