Sunday, March 14, 2010

Wendy's Week of TV 2.0: So funny I watched it twice

Sunday: Bones
Yes good. I don't think I need to overanalyse this every week. Let's just take it as read that I watched it, enjoyed it. The end.

Monday: The Big Bang Theory
As above. Plus yesterday I bought the whole of season one and spent the afternoon and some of the evening watching it.

Tuesday: Big Love
Excellent. I was on the edge of my seat and CAN'T WAIT until Tuesday for the season finale. Barb was excommunicated from the church, while Bill decided he wanted to be unsealed from Nicki and the political struggle for power on the compound continued.

Wednesday: The IT Crowd
Friendface. Almost as perfect as last week's episode when Roy and Moss convinced Jen that a small black box was indeed the internet. This week I think everyone on facebook would have been laughing out loud. It was so good that I watched it again on Thursday night on ABC2 and recorded it as well. I think I might have fully converted to be a fan of The IT Crowd.

Thursday: The Gourmet Farmer
Farewell Mr Gourmet Farmer. I shall miss your half hour slice of idyllic Tasmanian farmin' and cookin' on Thursday evenings. How nice that you got some new pigs. How nice also that you spared us watching the old pigs at the abattoir. For that I thank you. Next time, please invite me to your end of season outdoor dinner. That is all.

Friday: Okay so with no Torchwood I have been at a slight loss on Friday evenings as far as TV watching goes. So I decided to try Being Erica. The jury is still out. I didn't manage to stick it through the rest of their Friday night line up sadly.

Saturday: Well the marathon Big Bang Theory which is to conclude this afternoon was my priority. It was a present to myself if you like as a reward for three or four slightly stinky weeks at work. And then I watched Rockwiz naturally where one of the guests was from Spandau Ballet. Never was a fan still the duet at the end was indeed GOLD.
Do yourself a favour!

All Week: ABC2 I adore you for managing to put The Daily Show before The Colbert Report. It's the highlight of my day. I don't think we have an equivalent of these programs in Australia and they're fabulous.


Catriona said...

I've always loved The Daily Show, but I admit to having been sceptical about The Colbert Report. But having watched it all this week, I've decided I'm a convert.

Wendy said...

I was skeptical at first with Colbert as well but now I just love it.