Sunday, March 7, 2010

Wendy's Week of TV 2.0: Leo Sayer. I need say no more

You know I am supposed to be summarising some notes from a teleconference on Friday but I must get my priorities in order. Wendy's Week of TV 2.0 is far more important.

There has been a little less sleeping in front of the telly this week and a little more actual watching.

Sunday: Bones
Yes I am now a fully fledged convert to Bones. Already this morning I woke up and thought "Hooray it's Sunday". Well perhaps that's a not a direct quote but you get the idea. Anyway, when are Bones and the guy from Angel going to get together? Never, hopefully, because that will ruin the whole show just like when Tony and Angela got together on Who's the Boss.

Monday: The Big Bang Theory
Now what was exciting about this was that I didn't go to choir so I managed to watch The Big Bang Theory in real time. Bazinga. Monday was a long time ago so I can't actually remember much about it, except for the fact that the final scene where Wolowitz apologised to his girlfriend in song was way way cute.

Tuesday: Big Love
Big Love is fulfilling all my soap opera needs. It's got the lot - love, deceit, semi-organised crime, death, etc etc. So far no-one has said "I've got to go and take care of some business" as a means of exiting a scene (a la Days of our Lives) but I wait in eager anticipation. This week Nikki's deceit during the trial of Roman the prophet was revealed to all and sundry including the cute guy at the District Attorney's Office. Oh dear. Now I come to think of it though Days had its own evil Roman, and so does Big Love. Cooincidence? I think not.

Wednesday: The IT Crowd
Numerous Laugh Out Louds this week, particularly when Roy and Moss convinced Jen that the small box they presented her with to use in her talk as Employee of the Month was in fact "The Internet".

Thursday: The Gourmet Farmer
This week Matthew went in search of flour and honey. Then he made some biscuits and a carrot cake. Okay, so it doesn't sound like the most riveting 30 minutes of television you've ever watched in your life, but really, it's pretty good.

Friday: Two episodes of Burn Notice
I'm growing to enjoy Burn Notice a lot. It's like all the retro action series from 1980s rolled into one. I did fall asleep during the first episode I had recorded so I had to watch it again last night, but the second one was a beauty. Michael had to do an Irish accent because suddenly Fiona is from Ireland? What the hell? I'm sure it's all been beautifully explained in the many episodes leading up to this point which I have missed. Whatever? Doesn't really matter anyway. A few explosions, some techno-babble fiddling with wires, making bombs and Sharon Gless and you've got an entertaining hour of telly.

Saturday: Rockwiz
Leo Sayer. I need say no more.

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2paw said...

The accent: when the girl from Press Gang met Michael again in Miami in the Pilot, she had an Irish accent. By proper episode 2 she has an American accent and there was an explanation.."In the pilot episode, she speaks with an Irish accent. In the second episode, she changes to an American accent, along with a change in her style of dress, in an effort to distance herself from her past and blend in, showing her own ability to adapt"
So there you go.
I like The Gourmet Farmer, haven't watched it all yet, I liked the Illegal Dinner last week!!!
Is Bones. Is Good.

Wendy said...

Aha...well now that all makes perfect sense :)
Whatever she does she will always be the girl from Press Gang I think.
I did enjoy the musical allusions to the XFiles on Bones last night.

2paw said...

Yes, I watched Bones The X Files episode last night. Very amusing!!!

Catriona said...

Fiona's actually former IRA, which explains some of the tensions in their relationship, her ability to brew up C4 in the kitchen, and her occasional Irish accent.

Wendy said...

A-ha...Gee you really wouldn't pick her as IRA...but maybe she's challenging our stereotypical views of the IRA?

Catriona said...

I suspect it's rather in the middle of those two options: something along the lines of "Let's make IRA part of her back story, but then not really talk about it any more."

Then again, it's Gabrielle Anwar, and I don't really think she can do any wrong.

Wendy said...

once you've been in Press Gang all future TV sins are forgiven I think

I'm just peeved because I forgot all about recording this week's episode!