Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Dear Tuesday......

Dear Tuesday

Firstly, hopefully this letter will not come as too much of a shock to you. I know it is usually Monday that I am writing to and the other days of the week rarely get a look in. So, feel special.

Just a note to say, that if there is to be a fire at an electricity substation putting power off in 13000 houses round the town, a little bit of warning would be helpful. For instance, I would have ironed some clothes last night. I might also have boiled some water and left it in a thermos so I could make my morning tea and/or coffee.

Also, my hair looks like crap now as who knew that hairdryers and straighteners relied so heavily on electricity.

Perhaps it's not your fault Tuesday. Maybe we could blame climate change, or Kevin Rudd, or Tony Abbott, or whatever that was that went on in Copenhagen. Whatever the cause of this bad start to the day, it happened on your watch Tuesday so if you could keep your nose clean in the future I would appreciate it. It's bad enough having Monday once every seven days.

Yours sincerely


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