Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wendy's Week of TV 2.0: Before and After the Tennis

First a short rant about the tennis.

I think I might be suffering from a tennis overload. Not that I've particularly watched a great deal of tennis. It's just that the tennis is always there. Not only the tennis, but also "after the tennis". You know what Channel Seven I think I noted this last year, but I am already dreadfully tired of hearing how magically wonderful your television offerings are going to be "after the tennis". Because, you know I did watch some television during 2009 after that tennis. And, it wasn't all that different to "before the tennis". I don't want to watch Courtney Cox in CougarTown. I am not interested in who carks it on Grey's Anatomy. I've yet to watch an entire episode of that allegedly popular program so I don't think I'm going to start now. Also, I don't know how long the contract is that you've signed with Jim Courier, but if I have to listen to his endless blabbing with "J.A". for much longer I may starting poking small twigs in my ears. There were some fun years there when you managed to snavel John McEnroe on to your commentary team. Please, please, please try and get him back. Either that or get back Roy and H.G.

Tennis rant concluded. For now. (Except to add that Todd Woodbridge could never convince me to buy a Kia).

Phew. What else did little Wendy watch this week.

Well Sunday saw The Big Bang Theory. Very funny as Sheldon had a meltdown in the face of a child prodigy threatening his territory and criticising his research. The boys all helped him out though and saved the day for Sheldon. I may have then watched Bones. Sources are yet to confirm this unusual incident.

Monday, Monday what did I watch on Monday. You know I think in the face of the aforementioned tennis (which I believe was a Nadal match) I basically faffed about on the internet. It wasn't that exciting.

Tuesday I was on the local regional news talking about our preparatory program. I refused to watch it but my parents told me "I spoke very nicely". And apparently my green tshirt looked quite good as well. Then I think I continued my engagement with Mr Colbert who I am warming to more and more.

Wednesday saw a further dalliance with Mr Colbert. Then I caught The IT Crowd which was one of the funnier episodes so far where the woman (I'm yet to learn their names properly) hosted a dinner party where she had to fall back on the guys as guests.
I started watching Carrie Fisher being interviewed by Pamela Stephenson but it was a little bit painful so I recorded it and finished it yesterday. Sure she has had a fascinatingly awful life, but I need to remember her as Princess Leia. I just didn't need to know the intricate details of her manic depression.

Thursday I persevered with The Seven Ages of Rock. This week was Punk. I hope I'm not the only person in the world who think The Sex Pistols were and are quite lame. If so, then so be it. Much more interesting was the stuff about Patti Smith. After seeing Richard Hell I thought for quite a while what a great surname that would be. Wendy Hell. Dr Hell. Ms Hell. Truly that would be awesome. Anyway apparently it's The Clash who emerge from the age of Punk with their reputations most intact. According to this somewhat British biased documentary. It was a pleasant enough way to spend an hour.

Friday saw Torchwood of course. The first time I watched Children of Earth it was a day long marathon so I didn't get a sense of the breaks between the episodes. But the final scene here was a corker. To add my two cents to some questions posed on Circulating Library, yes I think Alice's jeans were weirdly fitting, Gwen's hair I think is coloured and I do think Bridget is in love with Frobisher. But hey, what do I know?
And then I recorded Breaking Bad which I am yet to watch. I do love Bryan Cranston both because of his excellent work as the dad in Malcolm in the Middle as well as his recurring role in Seinfeld as dentist Dr Tim Whatley who converts to Judaism for the jokes.


2paw said...

Yes, I think Bridget was in love with Frobisher too and that Gwen's hair was coloured. Not too sure I can remember Alice's jeans, I saw it in December.
Too much sport on TV. Full Stop. Sport is not King.

Emma said...

I read Carrie Fisher's autobiography was about as mixed up as her mind!

Andy said...

Just watched Gwen's hair and i too agree that it is definatley coloured.

Catriona said...

I thought Bridget was in love with Frobisher, yes. (It was Nick who . . . well, to be fair, I don't think he disputed that, he just thought she was more jaded by her exposure to politics in general than she was affected by being in love with her boss.)

I was right, though.

But, Wendy, why were you not backing me up on this over on Circulating Library? I can't win arguments with my boyfriend on my own, you know!


(I'm not convinced Gwen's hair is dyed, but I'm willing to be persuaded.)

Wendy said...

I'll get right on to that....and i'll try and send backup as well.