Friday, January 15, 2010

Wendy's Week of TV 2.0: GO Fail

The Big Bang Theory
- of course.
Question: Who can resist Sheldon beating Leonard at 3 dimensional chess, Sheldon's germophobia, Sheldon getting sick and behaving like a small child in his neediness, Sheldon making Penny rub vicks on his chest (counter-clockwise so as not to mat his chest hair) and singing the kitty song?
Answer: Not me that's for sure. (Even though it wasn't the strongest of episodes and nobody uttered "bazinga").

I watched some of the Doctor Who repeat. It was the Agatha Christic episode with the giant wasps. All good, especially jealous of Donna's lovely outfit. Less jealous of being attacked by giant alien wasp.

The Musical Brain

My brain is a bit hazy, and even though last week I promised I would write a little bit of this post everyday so I didn't forget things, well, I didn't. Anyhoo, The Musical Brain was a very interesting looking documentary on SBS at 7.30 that purported to explore the way our brains are affected my music. Yes, see, it sounds really really interesting. However, they lost me in the first five minutes when the expert neuroscientist man said he was going to examine the brain of a "Master Musician" and then chose.....Sting. Now, I don't want to offend any big Sting fans out there, but surely there are other people you might place on the list of Master Musicians above Sting? Still, the patterns different music made on the brain scans were interesting, but all in all, it was a little fluffy and lightweight and I kept waiting for them to get to some kind of earth-shattering point which didn't really happen.

Well firstly, Beautiful People WAS NOT ON. Colour me annoyed (whatever colour that is - sort of alternating red and grey I think). However I did return for the IT Crowd at 9pm which was quite amusing again. Still, I'm yet to place it on my must-see, can't-miss-at-the-risk-of-ruining-my-whole-week, television. I then recorded Pamela Stephenson interviewing her husband Billy Connolly on ABC2. I have yet to watch it but I hold high hopes. Please nobody disillusion me.

The Seven Ages of Rock
continued into the 1970s. My minor misgivings about this documentary series were more fully realised this week. It's got a highly British focus, with a little bit of the USA thrown in as a token gesture. Clearly the Rest Of The World does not exist in the history of rock. Still, good to see David Bowie with long hair, and the footage of Andy Warhol with The Velvet Underground was interesting in an archival kind of way. Not must see viewing either, although it filled in an hour quite nicely and distracted me from the evil temptations of stupid facebook quizzes. Next week, Punk. It seems the Sex Pistols will feature largely. I doubt that The Saints will get a mention. Happy to be proven wrong though. Oh and Graham Norton was NOT ON. Once again get out your crayons and colour me annoyed.

I shall be watching Torchwood naturally. And perhaps an hour of Malcolm in the Middle at 7:30 if I'm not doing anything else. (a highly likely state of affairs).

I have been perservering with The Colbert Report most evenings if possible. It's growing on me but I'm sure you want to know what really annoys me about it. With the ABC cutting out the ad breaks it only runs for 20 mins. I do not feel as if I am getting value for my 8 cents per day. (By the way, does anyone know if it's still 8 cents...or has the ABC got more expensive?)

Oh...and GO fail. I retuned my television last Sunday in an attempt to pick up GO and managed to pick up every other HD free channel except that one. Not impressed Channel Nine. Way to have crap regional coverage. Unless of course I was being technologically challenged. I'm sure that's not the reason though.


Kirsty said...

I'd have another go at GO! (I amuse myself). I initially didn't get SBS2, but I gave the whole tuning process another whirl and lo! it was there. I've become a bit addicted to GO! It's just like having Foxtel. Good grief, I found myself watching The Bachelor in the day time yesterday!

Wendy said...

Good grief indeed! Although it's perfectly acceptable to watch The Bachelor in the evenings.
I think I might give it another GO this weekend. Sometimes omy Nine signal drops out as well lately so that could have been the problem.

2paw said...

WIN which is our 9 is quite unreliable too, always doing that digitising thing, as if everyone is a criminal!!!
Real TV will be back after the Open and The Winter Olympics, except 10, who start earlier. I am very eager to see White Collar, I'm more than a little addicted after the last episode.

Wendy said...

I look forward to the return of Real TV although I do like the tennis. There's just so much TV and so little time isn't there?

Wendy said...

Second tuning of the television a success. I can now watch The Flintstones, Bewitched, I dream of Jeannie, as well as my beloved Seinfeld and Frasier :)

Emma said...

I'm very upset with the lack of Australian shows on your list.I'm assuming that's because there is nothing of note on. There has to be something..surely! Have to say that Mother & Son repeats are pretty fantastic!

Wendy said...

i'm reliving my childhood. I really used to want to have my hair like Jeannie's. Not a big fan of MOther and Son I have to say. That's unAustralian of me isn't it. I best drape myself in the flag and start drinking some beer immediately. :)