Sunday, January 10, 2010

Wendy's Week of TV 2.0: The Return of Wendy

As I mentioned in the post below I seem to have lost the ability to write anything more than pithy status updates and 140 characters tweets. I also find myself a little uninspired to write anything at all. So in the interests in trying to revive my writerliness (yes I know that's not a "real" word) I am resurrecting a Spiralling Shape original "Wendy's Week of TV" in the hope that the weekly imperative to write something/anything about what I have been watching on the telly might help me out. Usually, I would write a little bit every day and then publish the post on a Saturday or Sunday. I didn't do that this week so you'll have to put up with a little vagueness.

The Big Bang Theory: Well technically I watched this on Monday because I recorded it on Sunday night while I was watching something else (which my addled brain can't certainly must have been stunning though). Now, I know many will be quietly scoffing to themselves, "Wendy, TBBT is made by the same so called genius who inflicted Channel Nine's very own Simpsons-like filler Two and Half Men on the world". Yes I know that, thank you for your concern. But I just find there is something attractive about the sometimes comic tales of four graduate students and their waitress friend who lives across the hall. I find myself on a crusade to insert Sheldon's "bazinga" catchphrase into the common vernacular. For it is Sheldon who is my favourite character. I know he's a stereotyped version of an obsessive perfectionist, who also would probably sit somewhere within boundaries of Austism Spectrum Disorder. But he's clever, and witty, and they write him some beautifully nerdy lines. So, if you find yourself at a loss this evening with nothing to watch at 8pm take the plunge and change the channel to Nine.

Lilies: Yes I know it was a costume drama summer filler in the "serious" 8:30pm ABC1 timeslot, but I found myself caught up in the story of the three sisters, their father and the people in postwar Britain. It's finished now so you can't watch it anymore unless it is being iViewed. And it wasn't that fantastic that I would bother to do that.

Doctor Who/ Make Em Laugh: Stupid stupid stupid stupid. I started watching this repeat of the Doctor, forgetting that I had been watching the very interesting documentary series about American comedy that follows Lilies. I remembered halfway through which was very annoying. I recorded the rest of the comedy thingo. And I now have it on order from Amazon, because I also missed the first few episodes.

I finished watching the last half hour of Make Em Laugh which was very interesting because it was about the beginnings of Mad Magazine and a lot of historical footage of Mel Brooks. Again, it seems I was destined not to watch it because my recording cut out before the end as they were discussing Saturday Night Live, In Living Colour etc. I think for the rest of the evening I watched cut up youtube clips of Ricky Gervais interviewing Larry David. It's in six parts. They are my heroes and if they are yours as well then I highly recommend. If they aren't then don't bother.

Beautiful People:
I adore this British series about two awkward music and fashion loving teenagers growing up in late 90s Britain. It's got attitude, style and Meera Syal. I can't explain it any better than that, except to say that the characters frequently burst into song and dance numbers which being a musical tragic I Love. If you're not into that though you might just find it annoying. Still, the family dynamics are imaginative and entertaining and the whole cast is divine in their respective roles.
The IT Crowd: I know there are a lot of people who are fanatical about the IT Crowd so I have decided to see what the fuss is about. It's growing on me slowly after two episodes. Judgement reserved until I have seen some more.

Seven Ages of Rock:
Again summer filler stuff about the beginning of Rock (that's with a capital R). All very interesting but nothing you won't have seen before if you've watched a few music documentaries. Nice to see Keith Richards playing Satisfaction on an acoustic guitar. That was probably the highlight. Oh and Mick Jagger certainly was a beautiful boy. How sad they are all so old now.
The Graham Norton Show: I love the Graham Norton Show. He's naughty and nice and this week the guest was Robert Downey Jnr. Sadly Mr Jnr seemed all a bit uncomfortable but nevertheless it's better than much of the talkshow swill we get elsewhere.

of course. Children of Earth. For comprehensive analysis I direct you to the always excellent and insightful Circulating Library. They are coming back. Strap yourselves to your sofas next Friday evening at 8:30 if you missed this week. You'll be able to catch up. I think.

What else have I been watching? Well last weekend I impulsively bought 30 Rock Series 3 and watched the lot over two days. Excellent as usual with some amazing guest stars who don't mind the show making fun of them. Oprah Winfrey I'm looking at you. I also watched The Invention of Lying. Now I say this as a long standing Ricky Gervais fan, but it was a little bit disappointing - relatively speaking that is. It's better than 99% of the Hollywood crappy romantic comedies you might see, but by Office standards it lacked something. I also watched a few episodes of The Colbert Report on ABC2. Good work I guess ABC2 but really I would have preferred The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. Oh, and there's nothing wrong with Malcolm in the Middle on Ten at 6:30 although that will quickly disappear as soon as Nay-boors everybody needs good Nay-booooors returns I imagine. You know it's a sad Saturday evening when you find yourself contemplating Iron Chef. At least though Rockwiz follows so you can pretend you're out with some cool people in Melbourne having a fun music quiz kinda time.

hmmmm...I wrote more than I thought I would.


2paw said...

Oh WWOTV is back. Truly, there is nothing to watch on TV. I have BBT on DVD ready to watch in order: rock, scissors, paper, lizard!!!
I am not an IT fan, and I kept forgetting about the Comedy doco too.
The 7 Ages was OK, but we got the expurgated version. Very strange.
I saw Children of Earth and thought it was fabulous. Really great.
Saw Colbert and it was amusing, I ahve cuught the Daily show a bit in the past, was it on SBS??
I have caught up with White Collar and I am on to Burn Notice and Glee now.

Wendy said...

I was thinking it was just me...but good to know someone else thinks there is little else on TV at the moment :)

Just finished watching TBBT here. It was an episode I haven't seen which was nice.
The Daily Show did used to be on SBS. If I had cable I could watch it every day. I was watching it for a while there on the internet but it was using too much of my downloads!
Glee...excellent!! I am waiting for new episodes to arrive on Ch.10.