Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wendy's Week of TV 2.0: A big television dilemma

It wasn't the busiest week in the world that is Wendy's Week of TV 2.0. The main reason for this was that from Sunday through Tuesday I was Brisbane and consequently didn't watch ANY TV AT ALL. How did I survive you may be wondering? Well I did view some other things that weren't television.

Sunday Afternoon: La Grand Cirque
These tickets were a Christmas present from my brother and sister-in-law. I came away a little bit inspired to work on my upperbody strength. The best part was by far the "Wheel of Death"...where although no-one died it was still pretty impressive in the balancing, up high while running on a giant wheel stakes.

Monday Afternoon: The Asia Pacific Triennal
I had really wanted to get to this exhibition and I wasn't disappointed. Anne M and I had a lovely couple of hours wandering about. We were there until closing time and still could have spent more time. I did take a few photos but they don't really do the scale of some of the pieces justice. Here's the giant nuclear mushroom cloud made of old brass though. Oh, and a friendly security guard told me I wasn't allowed to drink from my water bottle whilst inside? What's with that?

I do plan to go back when I'm back in Brisbane either in February for Avenue Q or March for The Pixies.

Monday Evening: Machomer.
Now I have to admit I had no knowledge of this one man show until my sister-in-law asked if I wanted to go along with them. I was glad I did. Two observations. To get it fully you needed to know both Macbeth and The Simpsons. If you were only familiar with The Simpsons much of it would have been lost on you (as was the case I think for the two young boys sitting next to me). Secondly, strange that his least convincing voice was Homer. Marge, Barney, Mr Burns, etc all pretty spot on. Oh, and a passing understanding of self-reflexivity would have been helpful as well.

And now, to television.
I have now watched two episodes of Breaking Bad (Friday nights ABC2). Bryan Cranston is excellent in the main role but I don't know how much more I can stand. It's just so freaking depressing. But I do believe it has me hooked so I will most likely watch it through to its conclusion. I could look up what happens "on the internet" but I will resist that naughty spoilerising temptation.

The IT Crowd (Wednesday ABC 9pm) is growing on me further, however I don't think I would bother recording it if I was going to be out or anything. It is a pleasant way to spend half an hour and it was a vast relief from the nightmare that is the tennis and "after the tennis". Both Tennis and ATT continued this week. I will watch Roger dodger play the final tonight but that is about all I could stand. I think the Channel Seven marketing and publicity for its 2010 lineup is even more insidious than in previous years. Those commentators must just about choke on their cliches when they have to discuss Cougartown or Grey's Anatomy.

I also continued with the Seven Ages of Rock (Thursday ABC 8:30pm) This week METAL not my favourite genre by a long way. There was too much Motley Crue for my liking, but the stuff about Metallica was interesting enough I guess.

However, fast becoming the highlight of my week is The Colbert Report (ABC2 every night at 7:30). I've gotten the hang of his character and into the bargain I am starting to understand something about American politics. This is one I will set to record if I think I'm going to miss it.

And then there was Torchwood on Friday evening (ABC2 8:30). Devastating. I decided that I couldn't cope with Breaking Bad straight afterwards so recorded for watching yesterday. It was a wise decision in retrospect.

Rockwiz last night cheered me up though. Thank goodness. And I have started watching Larkrise to Candleford on DVD. Pleasant, costume drama with Julia Sawalha and Dawn French. Light relief really. I think that might form a large part of my Sunday afternoon actually.

And now for the Biggest Question of them all. Do I begin with The Biggest Loser this evening? Hayley Lewis looks like a dreadful host but still those of you who have been readers of The Spiralling Shape for some time will remember that I was a BIG fan of the series last year.

A television dilemma.


2paw said...

I know Breaking bad is meant to be an excellent series, but it just seems too black for me, plus tool many men without their trousers on!!
I saw a tiny glimpse of TBL before the ABC news. I remember your fandom, maybe Hayley will shape up???

Wendy said...

yes breaking bad is black...and bleak...
I have recorded TBL and will check it out later to see if I can be bothered with blogging it this year. In a way it would best if Hayley didn't get better...more in keeping with the overall show. :)