Friday, January 22, 2010

Due January 2010

Last August or so I blithely whacked together an abstract for a local journal run from the uni here. The issue is about supporting postgraduate students so I wrote an abstract entitled "Scribbling in the Margins: Negotiating the tensions and challenges of the regional research student". The due date for the paper was the end of January which seemed like years away. I then promptly put the abstract to one side. When I got the friendly reminder email earlier this week that the due date was nearly upon us, I quickly realised that I would have to start writing something. (I'm quite cluey like that!). So with all good intentions I pulled out the folder where I had stashed the abstract believing that of course I would have made some useful notes, written down some brilliant ideas and just generally got organised.

Here's what I found:

Here we can see some points I noted down. They all look a bit crap now so let's see what the day brings.

See how I've left a friendly reminder for myself of when the paper is due. That's nice.

All in all it should be an interesting day.


2paw said...

Oh dear. I suppose you must be grateful for the email reminder, and vow in future to make better scribbled notes in the margin. Hope it all went swimmingly today!!!

The Second Half said...

Wow, your post triggered some memories of leaving uni assignments to the last minute and finding my notes on the assignments as detailed as yours!
Gave me a good chuckle

Wendy said...

Happy to provide some entertainment Dianne! I did manage 2000 words of a draft, with lots to go though... :)