Monday, January 11, 2010

Not the worst Monday ever...but still...bring on Tuesday

Here's some things that happened today.

I woke up feeling really really hungry. I also woke up way too early which was annoying. Too early to get out of bed, but too late to go back to sleep because then I would have really been late. So I lay there for a while, reading my iPhone horoscope and twitter and then got up. I was still ready half an hour earlier than normal, because I had actually managed to begin Week 2 of the lunchmaking the evening before. This means I have to make some effort rather than grabbing two pieces of bread out of the freezer and throwing some biscuits in a plastic bag, perhaps adding a banana (because you know, five fruit, two veg etc). Instead, now I dutifully cut up a very boring salad at night, throw in a tin of tuna, get fruit and biscuits, as well as some brazil nuts and cashews ready the night before. It's all very pious and dull.

Anyway....I decided I would go to work early instead of my usual faffing about on the internet...meaning I could perhaps leave early this afternoon. That was fine, except the panadols I had taken before bed had failed to take effect so I still had a headache when I arrived. My mood was not substantially improved by work, however, the headache surprisingly was. Oh, I also have started making my coffee at home, instead of buying a takeaway on the way (which isn't really on the way. In fact it's quite out of the way, but very nice coffee) in order to try and save some money. We'll see how long that lasts. Not long, I'm predicting.

Work. I performed some fascinating tasks including, answering the phone, filling out inquiry forms, doing some phone interviews, opening the mail, date-stamping, setting up mailing lists with the help of IT requests, chit-chatting, photocopying, jamming the photocopier, failing miserably to find the jammed paper, walking away and let someone else find it. Actually, that's not quite true. I did send an email to everyone telling them the big snazzy photocopier thingo was jammed so they should use the crappy one in the meantime. That was helpful. I also set up a term's worth of staff meetings using outlook, as well as send some annoying little emails of my own.

Oh, and then while I was eating my dreadfully healthy lunch I discovered my plastic purply ring that I loved and had bought in Tasmania had snapped. Really, for 5 dollars you'd think it would last longer than three months. Very disappointing. Very.

So all in all, not the worst Monday ever, but definitely not the best.

PS. Dear ABC2 - Why was the Colbert Report a repeat? I'm only just hanging in there by the skin of my teeth. That may have been the second or third last straw.

Bring on Tuesday!


2paw said...

You would think that being good would have its own reward, that the lunch you prepare (or according to recent parlance - pre-prepared)would be like manna from heaven.
Ahh the trials of the office machines, nice that you get to send some annoying emails though. I always like to be so polite, uber polite. It makes me feel better!!
Very poor ring longevity. ON behalf of the island I apologise.

Wendy said...

you would think that about the lunch wouldn't you. but it's salad. and not very exciting salad. and no bread. and i love bread.

work is the place for annoying emails I think. i save the nice friendly ones for home.

i still have lots of other jewellery i bought in tasmania. and it's all holding up well. this must have just been an aberration. :)