Friday, February 25, 2011

clutching an ice brick

Why are you clutching that icebrick wrapped in a teatowel to your chest Wendy?

Why indeed....

The morning began rather inauspiciously with me ramming one of those trolley things into the back of my heel while I was attempting to transport a heap of study material into the lecture theatre. Subsequently, my heel has a lump of a bruise on it. It was only afterwards when I was investigating why the damned trolley was so difficult to maneouvre that I discovered the brake on one of the wheels was clicked on.

Then I was unpacking study packs from boxes when I ripped the cuticle on one of my fingers making it bleed and requiring a bandaid. Oh, the glamorous life of an academic.

I thought I had made it through the rest of the day incident free. That was until I arrived home, decided to make coffee in the plunger and thoughtlessly pushed the plunger too hard, creating a kind of coffee fountain that has scalded the palm of my hand.

I started by using the frozen broccoli to cool it down but I didn't want it to defrost. Somehow, there is an ice brick thing in my freezer. I don't know where it came from. I sure as heck didn't put it there, but I am using it now.

You will excuse me if I stop typing.

I have coffee to drink, and some ice to clutch in vain, while I hope my hand stops hurting soon.


2paw said...

You poor thing, it's the Domino Effect. All your injuries are minor but jolly painful and incapacitating. I burned my thumb making a toasted ham sandwich and had to keep it in a glass of icy water for the whole evening.
A teacher's life is one of drudgery, manual labour and little recompense!!

Lindy said...

Quite obviously, you should have stayed in bed today. Tomorrow will be better.

Wendy said...

yes tomorrow is another day...and also Saturday which is a bonus!

yes as I was unpacking the boxes I did have second thoughts about the whole thing...but then the students arrived...and the day did improve :-)