Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Hello February

Hey...February...hi..over here..it's me..Wendy...at the Spiralling Shape. I know you're quite busy what with monstrous tropical cyclones and political uprisings in Egypt etc but I wonder if we might take five minutes for quick chat?


I'll be quick. Let's begin by looking back at January shall we? I think we both would agree that it was a little bit icky. Apart from the ten days in Tasmania, there were natural disasters, death, funerals, heartache and an almost complete disillusionment with my job. It would be wonderful if you could see your way clear not to try and "top" these lowlights, but rather to improve, to be the best month you can possibly be, not just for me but for everyone. On this shiny new first of the month you are full of potential to bring joy and sunniness into our lives. Take up the challenge February and you might just surprise yourself

I'd really appreciate it.
Thanks for your time



2paw said...

I don't know where the first 8.3% of the year has gone?? January was not a good month, s I am hoping February is much better. It is not doing well here, we are having a few hot days, and I know that sounds selfish, but I like it to be cool, or temperate at the hottest.

Wendy said...

I don't enjoy the hot weather either...especially with humidity added into the mix. We are perspiring today even in the airconditioning at work. Summer begone!

The Second Half said...

Way too hot for me too. Melbourne is not good when 40 degrees or more happens. I wish I could hibernate on hot days and have someone wake me with a nice hot chocolate and the news that the day's maximum is going to be under 20 all day.

Wendy said...

40 degrees is extremely uncalled for isn't it? I am currently sitting in front of my airconditioner escaping the humidity. No hot chocolate but I can at least contemplate a cup of tea!

The Second Half said...

Cups of tea are lifesavers!