Monday, February 21, 2011

Snake at the screen door

Well done Monday! Congratulations! You surpassed all your previous attempts by 7am. Not only did you provide me with a restless, disturbed sub-tropical night's sleep with the prospect of a 34 degree day. I then awoke ridiculously early, bleary-eyed and tired. I thought to myself, I know - I shall start the week off the right foot and do my meditation. I even got out of bed 20 minutes early. As I was quietly sitting in my meditative state my attention was drawn to the fact that the cat was batting at something near the back screen door. "Oh" I thought, "He's playing with a gecko/huntsman spider/baby lizard/ "insert fairly inocuous creature of your own choosing". But Monday, dear Monday, you had other plans. On rising from my meditation, calm and slightly more clear-headed than when I had sat down, I was delighted, nay let us say THRILLED, to find the cat was in fact batting at a snake at the back door. Now I must be clear, it is a baby sized snake, and has just been identified as the carpet variety by my father, but it is a snake nonetheless. Steve Irwin would have been impressed with my lightning fast reflexes as I slammed the glass door shut so said snake was then trapped between the screen and the glass. The cat was less impressed and remains on guard as I write. The snake has not moved for the last 45 minutes. My dear father came around and we bravely opened the screen and kept the glass door shut. He left me with these words of wisdom.

"It'll crawl away during the day but if it does get inside Harry will kill it".

I should probably leave a note for the cleaning lady.


The Second Half said...

Snakes are one of the few things that make me squirm. Little green tree snakes I can cope with, but anything bigger and vaguely black, brown, or striped and appearing to be potentially venomous, and I'm gone. Carpet pythons - I understand the theory of why they are okay, but I'm with you, they should always be on the other side of the glass door and moving further away into the distance quickly! They're just too big!

Did your slithery visitor disappear?

Wendy said...

Indeed I can deal with spiders, cockroaches, toads, frogs etc but snakes...ewww. When I came home it was still curled up where I had left it this morning. After my Dad came back and we circled round the little critter for some time we called the snake man. He arrived on his motorbike, picked the snake up with his hands ( it bit him twice!) and left with it and 25 dollars. I was very happy to see it go!!