Sunday, February 6, 2011

Dear Keef

Dear Keef

I feel I should write and explain my inability to finish your autobiography. I began it with high hopes. I had recently finished Paul Kelly's wonderful memoir and thought that perhaps your book would extend my reading into a roll of musical non-fiction. Unfortunately, while the early parts of the book were very interesting in the tales of your young life, I found myself bogged down and bored in the endlessly intricate tales of drug taking high jinks. I thought I might be able to power on through so I could read about how Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean is based on you, but in the end I simply couldn't be bothered, so I just flicked through to glossy pictures. Please don't misunderstand though, I was struck by your musicality and fine geetar playing in Martin Scorsese's documentary (and that's a compliment because I am, in essence, a "Beatles" person), and I am constantly impressed by the fact that you are still alive, growing old disgracefully in the very best of ways. I just don't want to finish your book.

No hard feelings I'm sure



2paw said...

I didn't even want to start his book. Are you absolutely sure he IS still alive????

Wendy said...

good question. we should probably start each day presuming he is but not be surprised if we hear otherwise I think ;-)

djfoobarmatt said...

My Dad, who is a big fan, even found this book a bit boring

Wendy said...

that makes my failure to finish it a lot better :-)