Sunday, February 6, 2011

Laden with books

Yesterday morning I went to our local book sale and in the above photo you can see the results of my restrained purchasing. For instance I didn't even look at the fiction tables. Instead I confined my browsing to non-fiction, and a feeble attempt to get to the dvd/cd table where buyers were intent on not letting anyone get anywhere near the offerings. I did manage the reach in and grab a copy of Spellbound from under their noses. Other than that I spent about 15 dollars and picked up two books on grammar - one old, one new - Hazel Rowley's biography of Christina Stead (in hardcover), a biography of Lewis Carroll, the major works of Swift, something called The Bronte Myth, A Roland Barthes reader, the Collected poems of Garcia Lorca and something called The Faber book of Pop which looked chock full of fascinating essays. I also found a huge book of piano music that I already own, but it was sitting all lonely on the random junk table for only 6 dollars so I had to buy that too. Sadly, I had not adequately prepared for secondhand book buying so at that point I had to stop as I couldn't physically carry anything else. Next time I shall take some bags for today my arms are hurting.

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