Saturday, February 5, 2011

We did indeed remove our coats

I can't quite believe it's two Sundays since the Tasmanian holiday ended. The beautiful weather on the final morning made it all the more difficult to fly back to soggy, humid old Queensland. Out of the 300 photos I took during the ten days I have whittled it down to these few to share here at The Spiralling Shape:

Here's me...looking windswept and interesting (with apologies to Billy Connolly) against a background of the clear waters of Abel's Bay.

The sun shone brightly with all its might through the tall trees. We did indeed remove our coats.

I came over all arty with the camera angle, but just look at that shining water.

Here's my lil sis waiting to feed the local duck...Mr Curly. He is highly attuned to the rustle of a plastic bread packet.

I love this tree. It reminds me of someone standing on one leg.

And that my friends, as another famous Tasmanian says "is your blooming lot". The many photos of bushwalks, markets, mountains, barbeques in the freezing cold and folk festivals shall remain on my computer for now.


2paw said...

It is very beautiful here, and I do appreciate it!! There are some very clever ducks about too.
I listen every week, even though I a a terrible gardener, to hear 'that's your bloomin' lot' and also the many variations on English Country Garden!!

Wendy said...

I am quite a neglectful gardener also..but I love beautiful gardens. Queensland has its own beauty and I do love the the red dirt and green canefields that surround me here, but I am not a fan of the tropical heat :-)