Saturday, February 26, 2011

Hand me a nikko pen

Well look at me...studying again after vowing never ever to do such a thing in my whole entire life. Clearly, I have forgotten the trials and traumas of the PhD because I have enrolled into a Master of Information Technology (Library and Information Sciences) at QUT. I chose it because it offered the degree externally, and was in Queensland. The rest of the unis that offered similar degrees were interstate. It is also an accredited degree which might mean something in the future when I eventually finish it. Until my research fellowship finishes in June 2012 I am only going to take one subject per semester. After that I will get moving. Initially I enrolled myself into one of the two electives that are part of the study plan, but then on second thought, and after trawling around the Blackboard site for that subject and finding NOTHING AT ALL EVEN THOUGH TERM STARTS ON MONDAY, I decided to jump right in to one of the proper core subjects. It has a Blackboard site with some decent content already up for the first two weeks, and acknowledges that not all students are internal, discussing the online component of resources and recording of lectures etc. I have spent this afternoon joyfully doing the Week 1 reading, examining in some detail the assessments and generally poking around the QUT website. As can probably be expected I find it tremendously confusing but think I have found most places where I need to go, except for the library. I will save that for tomorrow I think.

The assessment looks interesting. I'm surprised at how intensely scaffolded the assignments are. Every step is there. We don't do that for our bridging students - well not to the same degree anyway. I'm also thinking about the number of 500 word reflections there are as part of the various assessments. Can I write only 500 words anymore? I hope so. Of course there is a 5000 word report as the final piece so that will keep me busy I imagine. I think I'm going to choose the topic to do with music piracy. Maybe. And the first piece is a poster presentation with marks allocated to its "visual" literacy. I am not an artistic person. I shall have to think of something to do with this. There is the suggestion of a youtube video. I may have to ask more questions about this as a possibility. Either that or I just get a big piece of cardboard and a nikko pen.

Joking... :-)

It's all very exciting.


2paw said...

Very exciting, though I am with you on the poster thing. I have all the artistic ability of an gnat!!
You might as well do a proper subject while you are at it!!

Wendy said...

you're so clever with sewing and craft though...I can barely knit...a scarf is the limit of my expertise there!

djfoobarmatt said...

Those 500 word reflection exercises are basically blogging as far as I can tell. I don't think you have to reference anything. A lecturer told me once you spend 100 words summarising the reading/topic, then pick one aspect of it, take 100 words explaining the relevance of this one aspect to the whole, then drill down for the last 300 words and optionally conclude with a sentence.

I can't help you with the poster, I'd probably do something with a big piece of cardboard and a nikko pen.

Wendy said...

good tip re the reflections! they're everywhere :-)

seems like the consensus is nikko pen and cardboard get myself one of each quick smart!

Lindy said...

The best thing to do is to get a huge nikko pen set in as many different colours and nib widths as possible. Expense is of no concern as a picture is worth a thousand words, allegedly.
Ignore that advice if you are not already a stationery obsessive.

Wendy said...

I do love stationery...but have yet to discover the delights of various nikko pens. My next project I think!