Tuesday, June 12, 2012

big scary spreadsheets

The Monday you get when you're having a Tuesday seemed like too, too many things this morning before I got to work. Imagine my delight to arrive at work and find more distance essays in my pigeon hole when I had thought I was done with them last Friday. Still, I ploughed on through them, two other later internal ones and then very kindly took three from my distance marker. His wife had a baby last Wednesday. He had been up since three am this morning. He looked a bit tired. Anyway, I am much more confident by the end of today that I will get the big, scary spreadsheet done by Friday. I was not at all confident about this when I arrived this morning.

So now it is forward ho into Moodle 2. After briefly playing in my migrated site this afternoon I have discovered that I can't find the help feature, I can't find the discussion forums, the assessment block doesn't yet seem to be "editable", and the groupings I had set up don't seem to have migrated over. Tomorrow I shall be calling the helpdesk. And yes, before they ask, I did attend the training but given that was back in the middle of April, forgive me if I haven't committed it to memory in time for June.

That was all  a bit whiney wasn't it?
I'll be happier tomorrow because my two bestest ever colleagues are coming to the campus for two days of excellence!


2paw said...

Friends always make the work easier, they're like the 'spoon full of sugar'!!

Wendy said...

they sure do....I could really do with them being around all the time!