Friday, June 1, 2012

church pews, old school pride, marking, soup

So in the interests of getting my blogging mojo back I've decided to #blogjune. This means I have to post something every day in June. Today being June 1, I thought I should start off on the right foot. Actually, yesterday being May 31 I actually thought I would be ultra organised and schedule a post for today which will hopefully appear later this evening. Already, I'm ahead of the game! What's been happening today I hear you ask? Well, I woke up with the same icky sore throat as yesterday. I rejoiced in the fact that I could work from home because I am marking, marking, marking essays. I also did some work on my assignment for Collections Management. Lunch was soup. Minestrone. Out of tin. Edible but not delicious-to-die-for-edible. I have drunk numerous cups of tea and coffee (decaf only on the coffee front), responded to Moodle postings from my students, been called on a short teleconference about markers for next term. I also railed quietly to myself at my stupid work email which is full and won't let me reply until I can get to work to manually archive emails. It's supposed to do this automatically but mine never does. Annoying. Basically, I was afraid to stray too far from my desk in case I fell asleep which is what always happens when I sit on a comfy chair while working from home. Now I have to do some piano practice on a duet that I'm playing in a concert next Saturday night. It's the 100th anniversary of my high school and they're having a concert. Goodness knows why I agreed to take part. Old school pride or something I suppose. And then I am going to play the viola, have another cup of tea and continue my West Wing marathon with an episode or two. I was going to go to a lovely chamber music concert that is on tonight in the Anglican Church but (1) I don't feel like snuffling through a concert in a draughty church and (2) the pews are the most uncomfortable in the whole world. You have to be feeling really full of strength to cope with them. I'm would have to go a long way to find more uncomfortable church pews. And that my friends, is Friday.


2paw said...

A cushion, I take one to the Princess Theatre whenever I go. Hope you throat and cold are both better soon. Soup out of a tin sounds like a good idea in theory, but in reality it's just a bit meh.

Wendy said...

yes a lot of ppl do take their own cushions. the cold continues...not dreadful but enough to be annoying.
soup out of a tin...good for emergencies...but not like the real thing is it?