Monday, June 18, 2012

Was it opposite day?

I feel very lucky that I was not one of the Moodle horror stories today. Some poor course coordinators had spent all weekend on their courses to find that when the new version went "live" everything disappeared. I knew I was smart not to work all weekend on my course. Although, that did mean today was all about the Moodling. That's okay. I mean I taught myself lots of new things. It was a matter of having to really, seeing as there were no help features to be seen. That's where youtube came in very handy with some nice "how to" videos explaining how to set up groupings and all that kind of stuff. And I also managed to solve the problem of the disappearing discussion forums all by myself. The conversation between me and the young man at the help desk was sort of me suggesting possible solutions and him saying "yes you could try that and see if it works". Was it Opposite Day? It seemed so. Anyway, finally this afternoon I pressed the go live button. (It wasn't really button, more of a changed setting). I have checked it now I am home and while as usual the formatting has gone all bizarre in places, it's basically the world of Moodle that is.


2paw said...

Ahh, I have looked and now I know what a Moodle is. It sounds very complicated and it seems to me that the Help Desk is often not very helpful. My questions to any Help never fit the heading they provide.
I hope it has sorted itself out. It must be a feeling of power to change the settings and make it live!!

Wendy said...

Yes I have started to get the hang of it...and not a moment too soon!!