Thursday, June 21, 2012

Wednesday's post is full of travel

Wednesday was a day of travel. We left Bundaberg at 6.30 in the morning and it was a shivery 6 degrees. One pit stop at sexie coffee just outside of maryborough was our only break before Brisbane airport where we made it in nice time catch the 1pm flight to Adelaide. It was bright sunshine all the way until we were 10 minutes out from our destination. The clouds looked like the end of the world approaching over the plane. It was rainy and grey by the time we landed and has been ever since. We found our cottage, walked to the nearest grocery shop, stocked the fridge, watched a bit of Telly and fell into bed. Thank goodness for beautiful snuggly doonas. They kept us all warm all night!


2paw said...

That's an interestingly named coffee shop!! yes, a snuggly wool doona, since it was minus 4 here last night, is the go!!

Wendy said...

yes it is an unusual name...they have sexie coffees and sassy teas....apart from that it's the only decent place for food and drink between bundaberg and brisbane.