Friday, June 1, 2012

Wendy gets involved in exciting things: the crowd sourcing post

So I was working away on my Collections Management assignment, doing some research and reading about crowd sourcing in libraries when I got totally distracted and inspired. I follow Amanda Palmer on twitter. For weeks and weeks I had been watching her tweets and retweets her kick-starter project roll by. Sure I'd taken notice but I hadn't been compelled to actually bother to take part in it. Then all the stuff about libraries employing crowd sourcing techniques to take them into the 21st century suddenly took hold and before I knew it I had created a kick-starter account, made a contribution and tweeted it out to the world. I also sent Amanda Palmer a message explaining the reason for my contribution. What she will make of it I have no idea. Anyway, then soon after my tweet the excellent @misspoppysmith urged me to go to possible to support what you see below. And I did. Without hesitation. What's all this got to do with anything. I'm not quite sure yet. But I'll keep thinking about it. What I do think is that we are on the cusp (or perhaps in the middle) of a change to the way the arts in all their amazing forms operate in our culture. Participation, engagement, involvement - all these things are forces that will hold our communities together when elsewhere it seems to be fracturing. If I can play a small part in that then that must be good.


2paw said...

I've contributed to a few Kick Starter things too, sadly none of them made the goal amount.'For just a moment I thought I read about Libraries and crowd surfing!!!

Wendy said...

it would be interesting to have some crowd surfing in libraries too wouldn't it?!