Thursday, October 23, 2008

All this and chocolate tart to finish

Jinx and I were treated to a lovely lunch by Sue today. How civilised to leave work and have a home cooked meal that didn't involve crowding into a noisy restaurant. Not that I've got anything against noisy restaurants. I like them and frequent them often. But sometimes it's pleasant to have a relaxing change.

Anyway, the fried polenta cakes with corn and capsicum salsa, followed by chocolate tart were delightful. Sue also showed off her prowess with her impressive new coffee machine (although I stuck to the new no caffeine rule and had jasmine tea). It had a lovely coffee aroma and the milk frothing was expertly handled. Jinx and I were like two small children when having polished off our polenta Sue asked if we wanted chocolate tart.

"Yes Please!


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