Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Which face do you like best?

Inspired by Catriona's post at Circulating Library on the problem with clowns, I looked up this clip from early Sesame Street. The story goes that when I was about 2 or 3 my mother was alerted to screaming from the living room and found me greatly disturbed by this freakish segment of a clown removing his makeup to reveal a very ordinary (and I still think just a little bit creepy) face. Watching it now after so many years though I think what is most disturbing is the end when he asks us which face we like best....and then chooses the clown face, not the "everyday" face.


Catriona said...

Oh, dear lord--I remember that! And I can't have seen it since it first aired.


That's even creepier than I had imagined when you first mentioned it.

Clowns: they're not right. Seriously.

Wendy said...

I hear you!!!

it's creepier than I actually remembered too...perhaps had tried to block it out...but thanks to the wonders of youtube now we can all enjoy it once more!