Sunday, October 5, 2008

fair bianca

For the past few months my father has been painting the inside of my house, one room at a time every weekend. What started as dirty beige walls with musk pink trim around all the doors and windows has now been transformed into white on white, the particular shade "Fair Bianca". (Check your dulux colour cards). I liked the name and the shade of white....unlike Antique White USA which was a cute name but a really flat and dull white. Fair Bianca isn't exactly cream, but it is warmer.
It's absolutely amazing how much lighter it makes every room - even at night, with the blinds closed. Anyway, time for celebration this afternoon as he's finished.
I love it.


jinx said...

Looks lovely. Does he want anymore painting jobs cause my house certainly needs a facelift.

Wendy said...

i think he's had his fill of painting for the moment!!