Friday, October 10, 2008

a dinghy in the shape of a guitar and other trivial information

Things we needed to know at trivia night tonight (some of these we did get right, others not so much)
1. What is a rhinoceros horn made from?: Hair
2. What kind of animal lives in a formicary?: Ants
3. In which country does the Amazon river meet the sea?: Brazil
4. Who will Wayne Bennett coach next year?: St George
5. The kookaburra belongs to which family?: The Kingfisher
6. What is Bruce Springsteen's nickname?: The Boss
7. What is the name of the London street famous for men's tailoring?: Savile Row
8. How does a giraffe clean its ears?: With its tongue
9: What lake is the source of the Derwent river?: Lake St Clair (sp?)
10. What was different about the dinghy Josh Pike (?) rowed into Sydney Harbour? : It was shaped like a guitar

And for getting the last question correct Jinx is a certified trivia legend.

I don't even know who Josh Pike is let alone that he had a dinghy, or indeed that it was shaped like a guitar.

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