Saturday, October 11, 2008

Wendy's Week of TV Part 13

Saturday: Suspicion

Shadows, shadows everywhere. Hitchcock had a field day with the black and white and the lighting possibilities. Cary Grant was suitably suave yet mildly menacing, while Joan Fontaine was wonderful as the increasingly suspicious wife. The tone of the film was what really struck me here a clever mix of comic (through Grant's delivery) and suspense at the important plot points. It all ended a little suddenly and the "hysterical woman" motif is a little dated, but nonetheless I think stands the test of time rather better than The Man who knew Too Much. I don't know if I need to sit through Vertigo again though.

Sunday: Lost in Tibet

All very interesting and sad, but really this didn't cut it for prime time Sunday night viewing.

Tuesday: Hamish Macbeth

I don't know if the makers of Hamish Macbeth meant for Alex to be so annoying, but goodness she is. Poor Isobel pining away after Hamish while he wastes his time on Alex, with her floaty hair and weird way of holding her mouth while she speaks. That sounds a little catty I guess. Too bad. Wee Jock is always cute though, and it was quite moving when TV John told Hamish he was illiterate. Fun to look at the "new computers" arriving in the mid-nineties.


Spicks and Specks Behind the Scenes

Hamish Blake took us behind the scenes of Spicks and Specks. I'm devastated I missed the Weird Al Yankovic episode. His Bohemian Polka makes me laugh out loud every time.

The Hollowmen

Christmas was on the way closely followed by the political desert known as January. A trip to Antarctica is a wonderful idea. I wonder how long until Malcolm Turnbull or Kevin Rudd nip down there for a visit.

Thursday: Life at 3
With a little in common with Michael Apted's fascinating Seven Up series of documentaries, this program was interesting in the portrait of the three year old. Most devastating was the family whose elder child passed away during filming. The footage of their three year old at the funeral was almost too much to bear.

Exciting...this Sunday - David Tennant on SBS's Who Do You Think You Are at 7:30... Tune in people.

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