Monday, February 16, 2009

aircon not smart...yes I'm using electricity

I am being aircon stupid. It was so hot and humid at choir this evening. Usually my spot by the door gives me a nice breeze. But there was no breeze. There was just humidity, ever increasing through a short shower of rain, and lots of perspiration. And by the end of rehearsal (which crawled by, minute by minute...I blame the hot weather) I was a sticky blob stuck to the piano stool, mind wandering, missing key changes and just dreaming of getting home and blasting the aircon upon myself.

So dear ergon energy, I have it on 23 (not your recommended 25 which I might say is not even cool), and I have not shut all the windows because I am going to bed soon, at which time I will turn off the aircon, because I can't be bothered opening all the closed windows when I get up in the morning.

That's what you get for sending me a bill every quarter. I use electricity and I'm proud of it.

Maybe I'm a bit cranky because we didn't do Fields of Gold, instead I had to bash out notes for endless pieces (madrigals, sacreds, set pieces etc) which are eventually a capella, so all seemed a little less than fascinating.


Sue said...

That 25 degree recommendation always struck me as stupid - that doesn't cool the room down at all and then you still have to have a fan going (gee more electricity) to stop sweating! 23 all the way I say. Energy stupid (or not smart) would mean less than 20 I think!!

Wendy said...

oh good...i feel better now!