Wednesday, February 11, 2009

big, scary, accusing, saucer eyes

I just stood on the cat.

Accidentally of course.
It was doing its usual "hiding under the kitchen mat in front of the sink like a great big tiger waiting for prey to walk past and then bat it with its paw"

I was innocently cooking dinner and needed a cup of water so walked to the front of the sink to use the tap.

This was followed by screeching from both of us, the disappearance of the cat faster than a speeding bullet, and me left (doing some mild swearing) and looking for a tissue to dab the blood off my ankle.

The cat is now hiding from me in the piano room, with big scary, accusing, saucer eyes, ready to pounce on anything that dares approach.

I think we'll give each other some space for a while.


Catriona said...

Oooh, dear. There's nothing quite like an animal to pretend it's all your fault that you stood on it. My old terrier (pale fur, huge dark eyes--perfect for looking reproachful) used to do that, even though it was her own daft fault for walking half a pace behind me.

Unfortunately, there's also nothing like a cat for holding a grudge.

Wendy said...

i'm getting looks of mournful disdain and pathetic guilt-inducing between the usual evening gecko chasing(that's the cat...not me!)