Sunday, February 15, 2009

I'm such a social butterfly

I'm such a social butterfly (she types with mild sarcasm dripping on to her keyboard) that I actually had a choice last evening of what to do. Firstly, there was a bookclub group excursion to see Frost/Nixon which finally made it to little ole Bundaberg as the (dah dah!) Showcase Movie of the Week at the Moncrieff Theatre. This was to be followed by coffee and chat. Mmmmm...very tempting. But before that had been pencilled in on the calendar I had been invited to a Valentine's bbq/ 40th Wedding Anniversary party at Burnett Heads. So after much to'ing and fro'ing I decided on the bbq and am leaving it to the other bookclubbers to fill me in on Frost Nixon. Because I'm pretty sure I'll be able to see that movie again in the future, whereas Valentine's Day bbqs/ 40th wedding anniversaries are a little rarer. Sorry ladies, I'm sure you missed my opinionated and unsubstantiated conversational analysis over the coffee.

Our host, Laurel, whose anniversary it was, had gone to lots of decorating effort. And even though I'm a little bit bah humbug about Valentine's Day, my favourite was this:


Oh and ladies who went to the movie...I'm expecting great swathes of opinions on the movie here in the comments!. Or you can just tell me about it when I see you next. Or if anyone else who saw it, or chose not to see it wants to comment please do.

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