Saturday, February 21, 2009

the great office indoor plant experiment of 2009

See this wonderfully shiny and new plant.

I bought it this morning at K Mart and will taking it to work on Monday to beautify my office. I was considering getting a fighting fish in a bowl but decided that involved entirely too much maintenance. So instead we embark on the great office indoor plant experiment of 2009 in which we will ascertain the following two (not unrelated) things.
1. Can a plant actually survive in an office given sufficient water, sunlight and the occasional sprinkle of fertiliser?
2. Is Wendy capable of fulfilling the requirements of question 1?

Exciting times in the corridor of Building 1 are ahead both at work and on this blog, where the journey of Wendy and her new plant may be a topic of conversation. Rest assured if the plant does cark it due to Wendy's negligence or other factors outside her control it shall be faithfully recorded on this blog. Likewise if the plant blossoms in a riot of good health and greater shininess you'll be the first to read about it on Spiralling Shape.

PS. Can't believe I got that great pot for only 4 dollars and that it matches the blog colour scheme.


djfoobarmatt said...

I did a similar experiment in 2000. Amazing how cynical my co-workers were and I think the fern died from their negative energy. Hope the philodendron sp? does better (they are more thick skinned so should put up with abrasive co-workers better).

Wendy said...

yes i imagine there will be some cynicism here too and there's already a fair amount of negativity so the plant and I are going to have to be strong. We'll see how we fare!

jinx said...

the plant looks very much at home. At least it isn't a seymour plant!!

Wendy said...

you never know!