Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday: thinking about the meaning of life

The terrible devastation and loss of life in the bushfires is dreadful to say the least. To comment on it in any meaningful way seems impossible while the event is still unfolding. And I think I'll leave that to others more knowledgeable than I. Reading the coverage in the paper this morning over breakfast was awful, and eventually I just had to stop reading. For us, the lucky ones, who are experiencing it second hand through media coverage, we can only count our blessings that it's not happening to us. My only action was to make a donation to The Red Cross, because surely every little bit must help.

Tragedy and disaster quickly puts our lives into perspective. I felt extremely fortunate to able to get up and go to work as normal this morning. Even the most boring and mundane tasks were attacked with enthusiasm, because I was thinking about all those people who weren't able to do so. I can't think of anything else to say, apart from the plain simple fact that it's all so sad. And almost incomprehensible, viewing it from the sidelines.

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