Monday, February 9, 2009

facebook and "mood fruit"

So often you hear derogatory comments about Facebook and other so-called social media in reference to their time-wasting capacity. But, I ask you to witness the below facebook status update/comments conversation that occurred this afternoon and rethink your skepticism regarding the transitory,ephemeral uselessness of such Web 2.0 applications. For where else could the potentially earth-shattering concept of "mood fruit" come to bear. (yes pun intended people!)

Andy Vallance: would like to wish everyone a happy working week
Wendy Davis: Are you being sarcastic?
AV: LOL no I don't think I was - at the time was looking forward to the week and then 9:15 happened....
WD: and it all went pear-shaped! your good vibes must have travelled up the highway because I had a pretty good day
AV: Excellent - actually it only went pear-shaped for that half hour lesson then it went back to good :)
WD: Is that apple shape then? or some other fruit?
AV: Maybe just a plum
WD: okay...I think I'll choose a nectarine (because they're my favourite stone fruit) to describe good days and save pears for the bad everyone their own mood fruit! So when something goes well I can say "that went nectarine shaped" and you will say "that when plum shaped"
AV: LOL I will def put that on my vocab list
WD: me fact this whole conversation might be going on the blog if that's aok with you?
AV: yes that is fine - I might add that I find your blog to be a highly entertaining read - I tune in most days to see what is going on - in fact I am reading your choir one right now

And no....I didn't make up that last bit. Andy actually wrote it! Isn't he luverly.

But the bigger question you all need to ask yourselves is "which fruit is your good day mood fruit?". (Remembering that plums and nectarines are taken....).

Important Note: Names have not been changed to protect anyone. Any resemblance to real people in the above exchange is an accurate and realistic resemblance...because it's know...real.


Andrew said...

Definately another plum of a day!

Wendy said...

oh good!
mine was fine but perhaps only apricot status...not quite up the standard of the nectarine

Trudy said...

haha! very cute and definitely not a waste of time ... you guys *having* that conversation, me *reading* it, and now *writing* about it! LOL! no, not at all a waste of anyone's time!

I think my good day mood fruit is a strawberry ...

and ... I agree with AV, your blog is a highly entertaining read WD!

Wendy said...

aha...strawberry is an excellent choice...because it's like the upside-down shape to a pear! all the goodness in the top!!

you are very nice TM!