Sunday, February 8, 2009

What do you mean Harvey Keitel is in a movie about singing nuns?

Well strictly speaking, this should be held over until Wendy's next week of TV, but it's my blog so, hey, I'll make the rules up as I go along.
Sister Act won out over Billy Elliot for last night's TV viewing. As I was watching I realised I had seen Sister Act 2 a number of times, but the original less. I had forgotten about Harvey Keitel as Whoopi's evil mob boyfriend. I had also forgotten about most of the songs. For while the plot is pure corniness, it's the music that makes this a great film. It's doubtful whether Whoopi Goldberg will ever get a better role I think. I started with the thought that I'd just get through first hour or so and then go to bed or put on a DVD, but it kept me hooked until the end (in spite of the increasing number of ad breaks!). And the final song gave me goosebumps.

If you've ever been in a choir you'll realise how difficult it is get the singers to sing and move (let alone clap) at the same time. So thumbs up to the nuns for that. But, here like Mamma Mia more recently, it's all about the joy of music. Enjoy the clip. And rest assured there's plenty more on youtube for you to look up yourself. And that old nun on the piano, I fear that's me in sixty years time, still plonking away at choir. Although not a nun, you understand.

(And a shout out to Andy who I still remember as the first person to tell me about this movie when were at uni! I thought it sounded stupid, but I was wrong!)

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