Monday, February 9, 2009

Not shouting...emphasising

As Battle of the Choirs proved without a shadow of a doubt there are a great many of what might be termed popular songs that should NEVER EVER EVER BE ARRANGED FOR CHOIRS.(not shouting, emphasising).

However, yesterday's choir practice in preparation for the Queensland Eisteddfod at Easter clarified an important musical point for me which I shall preface by saying I am not, never have been, and most likely never will be a fan of Sting. (Although I haven't engaged with his recent turn to the lute and ye olde English songyes - yes I'm making up this ye olde spellyng as I go. Maybe I would lyke the loveliness of the lute)

That being said, Alison, our conductor, has chosen Fields of Gold in choral arrangement for the Modern Chorus section. And it is a beautiful song that sits perfectly for choir. I hummed it for the rest of the day and most of today as well. It is in traditional ballad style, simple, with lovely rich harmonies, and best of all, a pretty piano accompaniment for me to play.

If you don't believe it's a great song, or have a particular aversion to Sting, seek out the Eva Cassidy version. It's stunning and captures the balladesque, folk song quality wonderfully well.

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