Monday, February 1, 2010

Hey Monday..What's Happening?

Hey Monday
What's happening? I'd just like to congratulate you on your pleasant start to the day. It's not stinking hot and humid like ALL OF LAST WEEK. Instead, you bring me lots of rain, lovely rain. You are reviving my poor plants in the garden and making my lawn green again. For that I thank you.

Now if you could just do some other things for me that would be much appreciated.
1. No crazy people ringing me on the phone today. I understand it was a full moon last week which may have explained the frequency of crazy/annoying/weird phone calls. Let's have no more of it.
2. A nice day at work. I don't mind being busy but if we could have less of the finicky, pernickety problems with prospective students etc that create pointless busy paper work and extra phone calls that would be nice.
3. My hair to look okay. I'm about to get in the shower and I know wet, humid kind of days (even when they're cool) aren't good with my hair, but truly I'm not up for a cowlick fringe today.
4. Fun Lunch Hour.
5. If I could get to go home a bit early (say 4-4.30) that would be excellent.
6. Finally, choir begins tonight. Please let the music be interesting without the dragging of time and any moments of boredom. I need a positive start to the year here.

Thanks for your consideration Monday. I know it's probably a lot to ask and you're most likely off creating havoc for others, but if you could try and break your stereotypical Mondayish behaviour just this once I would be really grateful.

Kind Regards


2paw said...

You have very high expectations of Monday. Does Monday suffer from Mondayitis, do you think?? And to whom does Monday refer her list of demands??
Good luck with the hair!!

Wendy said...

I think Monday causes Mondayitis so presumably wouldn't inflict on it/ him or herself. I guess that means Monday demands things of others not itself. Oh and hair did its best considering we have had a day of torrential rain.

Perhaps if we all raised our expectations of Monday it/he/she would start to improve behaviour wise?