Monday, February 1, 2010

Clear evidence as to why I am not a poet or artist

My dearest Mother spent her rainy day at home going through some treasures from our childhood. She kindly scanned and emailed these fine examples of my primary school years...clear evidence as to why I am neither a poet or an artist. I have spent the last ten minutes laughing myself stupid at their awfulness. Please feel free to do the same.

The second two (drawing and poem) go together. Note the very specific detail as to the noise the bird in the tree is making. A premonition of my current twitter addiction perhaps. And I do enjoy the awkward second stanza of the poem. Even then it seems bird noises taunted me while I was trying to sleep.

And isn't the picture of the daily life of mice just darling. Look at their special giant sized swiss cheese. I also remember being very particular about drawing in the rays of the sun. Apparently mice play in the grass, and go to sleep in their very own mouse house, hole in the wall. Just like in cartoons.

She couldn't tell me how old I was when I drew this. Let's hope it was about three. Or perhaps that's insulting to artistic three year olds.


2paw said...

Three?? Those pictures and the writing are Very Advanced!!
Ah, you and I are of the same artistic standard!! I know what things should look like but there is some kind of interference between my brain and the hand holding the pencil- the picture never looks right!
Oh my word is 'spnocked'!!!! Kind of Spock with an arrow ready!!

Wendy said...

I think it's probably only the mice that were three or four. the others I fear may have been mid primary the beautifully formed running writing...long since forgotten.

spnocked?? I'm confused...