Sunday, February 7, 2010

Wendy's Week of TV 2.0: Devastation all round

I think I have decided against The Biggest Loser this year. Seen one BL seen them all really I think. Plus I have also decided that one swimming star turned cringe-inducing tv host (I'm looking at you Johanna Griggs was Sweet now Griggs again) is enough for me. Sorry Hayley. I was right there with you when you were our Golden Girl of the Pool. Please stay off my television screen otherwise. Channel Ten could you not find anyone better? What about Paul McDermott? Or Mikey Robbins...someone who has actually had a weight loss problem might make it more interesting. Anything to put an end to the neverending saga that is Good News Week.

Monday: The Big Bang Theory
This was a corker of an episode. I managed to remember to record it because rather inconveniently choir has resumed on Monday evenings. But the payoff is when I get home I get to spend about 20 minutes with Sheldon and co. Tonight's episode had a Star Trek theme with Wil Wheaton as the guest star at the comic book shop's fantasy game card tournament thingy ( I don't really understand these things). Sheldon spoke some Klingon, while Wil emotionally manipulated him thus beating him in the tournament. It was all very enjoyable.

Tuesday: Big Love
You know I keep forgetting that I have been caught up in the Mormon polygamist melodrama that is Big Love. And each week I forget it's on until quite late on Tuesday. Thank you SBS. This is a program I have returned to after some time. I watched it when it first aired but I wasn't that enamoured. Recently however, I have found myself increasingly drawn into it. Perhaps the storylines have become more complex. Something's going on anyway, because I was on the edge of my seat when the Prophet, Roman Grant (Harry Dean Stanton) was put on trial, and the blind loyalty of one of his wives and his daughter Nicky (Chloe Sevigny) managed to make the whole thing collapse. Fabulous and intriguing.

Wednesday: Spicks and Specks
Yes I did return to Spicks and Specks. Yes I do like Hamish Blake a lot as a panel guest. But you know, compared to its musical quiz show counterpart Rockwiz there was a certain lack of spark here. Come on guys, please don't leave me stranded on a Wednesday evening with nothing I really want to watch. I know you can do it Adam Hills. Please try harder so you don't end up on "list of celebrities to which I am indifferent, or have an irrational dislike" (Shane Warne, Wil Anderson, James Cameron, Angelina Jolie, Eddie McGuire, the guy who hosts Deal or no Deal, Johanna Griggs, Jenny Woodward (although this is combined with a fascination for her increasingly Amanda Vanstone inspired colourful tops)).

Thursday: Seven Ages of Rock
This week was the age of something this average documentary called "Stadium Rock". Queen, Kiss, The Police, U2, Live Aid. Observations: Freddie Mercury sure could belt out a tune. If I had to choose between political Irish rockers Bob Geldof beats Bono every time. Kiss are scarier now sans makeup than they were when I was five. The drummer from the Police might well have been the most interesting person interviewed.

Friday: Torchwood
Aaaggghhh. Devastation all round. Come back Captain Jack...please. Plus what happens to Lois now?
Breaking Bad: As dark and depressing as ever. Walter finally managed to kill off his hostage in the basement. And maybe, just maybe he's going to tell his wife he has cancer. A small glimmer of hope in a tragic tale.

Saturday: Rockwiz seemed to be a repeat. That's okay. Still fast, witty and very musical.

All week: The Colbert Report.
I can't wait for Stephen Colbert to get to the Winter Olympics with the US Speed Skating team as Assistant Sports Psychologist. CAN'T WAIT I SAY.

And a quick question: Should I be watching The 7pm Project? My hunch is no...but am happy to be persuaded otherwise.

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