Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's not all whining and potential repetitive strain injury

It's Wednesday.
It's still raining
Please can I just stay home and read a book?
Pretty please.....

Oh well okay, I'll drag myself to work. I have been less than enthused about work at the moment. This is the time of the year when we take endless inquiries every day, take applications, interview prospective students (on the phone and in person). It's not all date stamping and playing Rockwiz on twitter. Although the latter is the highlight of my day at 11:30. Everything stops. Sometimes I even ignore the phone. Naughty really, but what else is voicemail for. At the moment though my voicemail light is on constantly so you can't tell if there is a message or not, particularly if you leave the room. So, I just have to check it whether I think there might be a message or not.

Seriously though, it's not all whining and potential repetitive strain injury from having the phone glued to my ear. For instance there was also time yesterday amidst the sound and fury to print out my fabulous mouse drawing, laminate it and blue tack it to my wall.

I'm waiting for someone to ask me what dear child drew it for me.
And then in the spirit of mouseness, dear Jinxy brought me a little mouse present that looks like this:

It's got one of those strings that you pull and it runs across the floor. Absolutely necessary to have on one's desk at a place of work. I instruct you to all get one.


Catriona said...

I have a picture I drew when I was about three (I think it's dated, and I was three or four). My mother had it framed and gave it to me for Christmas a few years ago. She did the same for all of us, though I believe she had trouble finding one of my brother's pictures that didn't involve blood and disaster.

I have it hanging above my television, but no one ever asks me about it. I have no idea what my siblings did with theirs. I hope my sister at least hung hers up--hers was a seriously fabulous picture of a scowling penguin, which my mother loved so much she'd displayed it in the house for nearly thirty years.

Wendy said...

I can't believe people don't ask you about it. that's very uncurious of them!
What a great present though from your Mother. I would love to see a picture of a scowling penguin.
My mum always loved the painting my brother did at preschool of "an egg cracking". I'm pretty sure she still has that one.

2paw said...

Actually, I'm pretty sure a mouse lives in a windmill in Old Amsterdam......

Catriona said...

This penguin was seriously annoyed about something: who knows what. You've never seen such a malevolent penguin.

Mam loved it: she kept it framed on a bookshelf downstairs for years.