Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Reasons why I am not a Domestic Goddess: The New Lunch Regime

Well first of all I know you will all be fascinated to hear that twitter political engagement seems to be a load of you know what.

However, to avoid another Rant from Wendy post here's something a little domestic yet I'm sure you'll agree no less fascinating.

This year upon going back to work I decided that lunchtime would require a New Lunch Regime (NLR). This NLR involves me (Wendy) making my lunch for the following day the evening before. That way when I get up in the morning, eat my breakfast and spend too long mucking about on facebook, twitter, and indeed this blog, I still have a healthy lunch to grab out the fridge. The NLR was to be far superior to the Old Lunch Regime which was characterised by all of the above activity except for the part about making lunch the night before. It usually involved me cracking two pieces of frozen bread out of the freezer, stuffing them in a plastic bag and hoping like hell noone had thrown out the jar of peanut paste I was keeping in the fridge at work.

Last night however, it seems I overreached. I know, I thought, as well as my beautiful salad, and catfood-like tin of tuna I shall Boil an Egg and add it to my salad-tuna combo in the morning. That way I shall be increasing my protein intake and also jazzing up my salad. Well I managed to boil the egg. I did not however manage to then put boiled egg in the fridge overnight. Instead when I got up this morning and staggered through the kitchen I found aforementioned egg still sitting in the saucepan.

Aforementioned boiled egg is now in the bin.

See that was an interesting story now wasn't it.


2paw said...

I admire your new regime. I used to take lots of deliberate left-overs!! I'd cook more than I needed for tea and ergo-lunch!!
Poor Egg - was Egg in This Life. I never quite managed to watch that show.

Wendy said...

i never have leftovers because I am greedy!
Yes Egg...Egg and Milly...I did watch This Life but really can't remember what all the fuss was about now!