Tuesday, July 7, 2009

and now for the wedding report...in words not pictures

Wonderful, Fantastic, Beautiful, Freezing...

Above are some words to describe the wedding experience on Saturday. It was the coldest I have been for some time, standing outside in the shadows of the All Hallows Chapel with the wind whipping up off the Brisbane River. However, the close up view of the Story Bridge made up for it to a large degree, as of course did the joyful occasion of the marriage of my brother to his beautiful Kate.

Not being Catholic I always find it fascinating to go into Catholic churches to see all the imagery and iconography. (is that the right word?). For instance, who knew there was some woman named Veronica in the Bible. Not me, but there at the church entrance was a painting of her and Jesus.

Anyhoo, not to dwell on twiddling details, the string trio was lovely, especially when they sank into the Lakme duet during the signing of the official papers. Sheep may Safely Graze was an excellent choice for walking up the aisle as well. The internet sourced Franciscan friar spoke very nicely. It was a down to earth religious ceremony. He had authentic, well-worn sandals and a rope belt under his special wedding robes. And a very impressive beard. We're all hoping he's enjoying his Johnnie Walker thank you gift. It was over in a flash (although in real time 45 minutes) and then outside for all manner of combinations of photos. At one point the Davises (Davii?) were all set for a photo when a gust of wind blew right in our faces and we all screeched. That was fun. I'm hoping there's a shot of that somewhere.

Then to Il Centro for the reception. The maitre'd thought I was a little bit strange when I chose the duck salad but hold the duck. The other choices were seafood of which I am not a fan. As you may gather I'm not a fan of duck either, and it seemed the easiest one to rearrange. They very kindly replaced my duck with extra rocket.

Rib fillet with the yummiest potatoes I have had for some time was the main, and then the Red Velvet Wedding Cake. By this time I was (1) really full and (2) struggling with my all important undergarments, so wasn't able to finish the slice of cake. This was a shame because it was particularly delicious. Never mind, a good time was had by all, especially my Nana who loves a good party, and couldn't rave enough last night on the phone about how much she had enjoyed herself. She has told all her friends at the retirement village about my toeless stockings. Oh, yes, it's quite the topic of conversation out Sunnybank Hills way. I'm sure it'll be trending on twitter really soon.

And then, suddenly it was all over. A new Mr and Mrs Davis have entered the world and are on their way to Japan.

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