Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More coffee less dead mice please Tuesday

Berocca: check

Earrings: check

Cleaning up the dead mouse you stumble upon in the entryway that the cat obviously killed during the night: priceless

For everything else...there's coffee before work.


Jilly said...

Where did Harry find mouse. OMG!

2paw said...

Well two out of three ain't bad. I always found when I was at work, that if I was up early, it meant I would be less organised. I don't know how that worked!! Lorelai Gilmore brought me a kiwi fruit, half eaten, from the vine in the garden yesterday. She brought it to bed. Yuck!! At least it wasn't a mouse!! And you should be grateful your cat deigned to share the mouse with you!!

Wendy said...

YEs...and pretty pleased actually that when I saw the mouse it was no longer alive. That would have freaked me out more. So I now have a guard cat!

It was just a little much to deal with when I barely had my eyes open so early in the morning.

Emma said...

Love it!
Could really see that as a tv ad.

Wendy said...

yes it would be a great TV ad. me in my dressing gown, dustpan and brush with bed hair running in the cold to the wheelie bin to throw away a dead mouse. that is priceless!