Monday, July 27, 2009

Forgetful Monday

Things I forgot today:

Earrings. I had a long debate with myself over which pair of silver earrings to wear - the big swirly ones or the hoops and then in my haste to leave the house earlier than normal (because I had to go to Woolworths on the way to buy soups for lunch because there was no food in the house on account of going away on the weekend, thus missing grocery buying Saturday) I forgot to put on either pair.

Berocca: For the same reason as above. Usually I put the berocca in a glass of water and it fizzes away by the time I have washed up the breakfast dishes. However, this morning, because I was in a hurry to leave the house to get the soup for my lunch and be at uni in time for lecture first up I thought, bugger the breakfast dishes and therefore...ta berocca.

But you know what...microwave soups in a bowl were 2 for five dollars on special when I got to Woolies. Dare I say bargain?

Guess who's having soup everyday this week for lunch?


jinx said...

you and me!!! Not bad value lunch really.

Wendy said...

think i'll have pumpkin tomorrow!