Sunday, July 19, 2009

What Wendy Watched: Damn you New Tricks

Damn you New Tricks and your season finale,leaving us hanging out to dry with Brian's emerging drinking problem which in the last minute was discovered by his ever patient wife Esther and his son (who I don't think we have seen before but nevermind). A lovely final episode all tied with with an investigation into an army officer's death many years ago, government secret drug testing, MI5, the rules of Jehovah Witnesses, Gulf War syndrome, and so on and so forth. Jack and Jerry took somewhat of a backseat to the wonderful character of Brian and his struggle with alcohol as well as his intuitive brilliance that led them to the murderer. I've said it before, but Alun Armstrong is an absolute delight as Brian.

Next week, Australian drama East of Everything which is chock a block full of fine Australian acting talent (Richard Roxburgh, Susie Porter etc) but bored me to tears the first time it screened. A poor person's Seachange really, which was a classic moment in Australian TV and doesn't need emulating. Ever.


lmwrench said...

Hi Wendy, my husband and I agree-bloody seasons! We love New Tricks and now they leave us hanging! Oh well, have to do something else on Saturday night before The Bill ;-)
Looking forward to the new show starring Toni Collette, about a woman with multiple personalities-I think Toni is a great actor-strange to see her on ABC though. Look forward to hearing what you think...Have a Fab Sunday, Leanne W

2paw said...

I did think Brian was eating vodka soused oranges!! We haven't seen the Lane son before but he was Cully's husband in Midsomer and his Dad was in The Omega Factor with Doctor Who's Leela. (I have the novel of that show!!) Nice to see DAC Strickland on their side for once too. It was quite nice not to have a big cliff-hanger ending.
I don't like EOE. At all. In fact this week my TV viewing is very limited. Luckily I will have some Pushing Daisies, True Blood and Bergerac to tide me over!!

Wendy said...

Hello Leanne! I'm very much looking forward to seeing what the Toni Collette series is like. She is one of my favourite actresses - australian or otherwise! Glad the ABC has picked it up. If it's any good the commercial stations would ruin it with a poor timeslot most likely. I'll be watching with interest.

2paw you are very observant - i didn't pick up on the vodka oranges at all. just thought he had a thing for fruit all of a sudden - which wouldn't have been out of character at all. Yes Strickland was very supportive which was slightly unusual but about time.

I'm nearly done with my curb your enthusiasm and will have to move back to the 80s with the young ones I think. I imagine cricket will take over flight of the conchords but mustn't forget to tape big bang theory tomorrow night! Glad to hear someone else doesn't like EOE. In fact I didn't think it was worth a second series at all. very surprising.